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Gain the latest insights on key topics and trends that chemical industry leaders are facing: Business Transformation, Digitization, Cybersecurity, Customer Experience, Supply Chain, and Sustainability at The Chemical Summit in Houston, Texas on October 8-9, 2024

Designed by industry leaders for industry leaders. 

The Chemical Summit is keeping it REAL: Relevant | Engaging | Action-Oriented | Learning & Leverage. Our agenda and topics are designed to bring you insights on key trends impacting the chemical industry from industry leaders. 

PLUS, we are specifically designing time for you to connect and engage with fellow attendees – to discuss what you just heard, to benchmark and learn how their company is approaching these challenges and applying strategies and tactics to their business, and to build connections that last beyond the conference and into your career.

Speakers announcement coming soon!

DAY 1: Tuesday, October 8 
9:00 am – 6:30pm

Opening Keynote Reinventing a 100-Year Business for the Modern Era
Leon de Bruyn, CEO Lummus Technologies, will discuss the transformative journey that Lummus has taken, sharing valuable lessons learned along the way. Discover how these strategies can be applied to other chemical businesses to foster innovation, adaptability, and sustainable growth in today’s competitive landscape.

Industry Panel From Data to Decisions: Unlocking Growth through Digitization and AIExplore how the chemical industry is transforming vast amounts of data into actionable insights through digitization and AI in this engaging panel discussion. Industry leaders will share practical examples and strategies on leveraging these technologies to drive operational efficiency, innovation, and sustainable growth.

Cybersecurity Expert Building Cyber Resilience: Key Insights for Chemical Industry Executives
Gain essential insights into the world of cybersecurity tailored specifically for the chemical industry from our knowledgeable speaker. Understand the critical risks, proactive measures, and long-term strategies necessary to enhance your company’s cyber resilience and protect its future.

Industry Panel Navigating Uncertain Seas: Strategies for Building Resiliency into your Maritime Supply
Join us for an essential panel discussion on emerging risks to the marine supply chains in the chemical industry and approaches to build resiliency, tailored for business leaders. Gain insights from seasoned practitioners on emerging risks to maritime transport, managing disruptions, enhancing security, and navigating regulatory changes to ensure resilience and continuity in marine logistics.

Industry Panel Leading with Sustainability: Community & Environmental Stewardship in the Chemical Industry
Sponsored by American Chemistry Council
This panel discussion will delve into how chemical companies are taking proactive steps to protect air, water, and the environment while partnering with local communities. Hear from experts on best practices, innovative approaches, and collaborative efforts that drive sustainable stewardship.

Fireside Chat Culture & The Future of Business
Explore the critical role of evolving company culture to meet today’s objectives, innovate, and achieve long-term success. Gain insights into how fostering a forward-thinking culture can drive transformation and meet the future goals and needs of the chemical industry.

Cocktails & Connections
Wrap-up Day 1 with cocktails, appetizers, and conversation with fellow attendees.


DAY 2: Wednesday, October 9 
8:00 am – 2:00 pm

Breakfast Keynote What Your Customers Want & Can’t Tell You
This fun and engaging presentation, based on Melina’s award-winning book, What Your Customer Wants and Can’t Tell You, will explain what behavioral economics is, how brain science is being incorporated into everything from hospitals to household products, and how attendees can start applying their learnings in their work immediately using Melina’s “behavioral baking” approach. 

Industry Experts Savvy Segmentation: the Catalyst to Customer Growth
Creating excellent Customer Experience (CX) is not about serving all customers the same way.  Rather, segmenting customers to fit their needs and yours is critical to customer growth and profitability.  In this talk, you’ll learn 3 pivotal steps that can lead to customer growth and how leading companies have implemented this successfully.

Leading Economist The Future Landscape: Economic and Geopolitical Outlook for the Chemical Industry
Gain a strategic edge with our speaker’s analysis of future economic and geopolitical landscapes and their impact on the chemical industry. Understand key drivers and challenges that will influence global markets, and explore actionable insights to stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.