Pioneering Digital Transformation and Sustainability in the Chemical Industry | The Chemical Summit

 Pioneering Digital Transformation and Sustainability in the Chemical Industry | The Chemical Summit

We’re excited to introduce one of our speakers, Kelly Gilroy, who we had the pleasure of hosting on The Chemical Show. At the Chemical Summit, she will address sustainability and digital transformation. As a sneak peak, we wanted to share key points she addressed on the podcast. Don’t forget, this is just a preview! If you’d like to have in depth conversations about challenges facing the industry, how to approach them, and how to solve them, you’ll need to register for The Chemical Summit here

At our panel, “The Path to Sustainability is Not (Only) Circular”, we invite you to join us as we explore the multifaceted journey towards achieving NetZero by 2050. Discover diverse corporate strategies, tackle challenges, and seize opportunities for environmental equilibrium. Gain insights into innovative customer-centric tactics and data-sharing. Together, we can shape a greener future!

Keep reading to learn about our conversation on The Chemical Show with Kelly Gilroy of Univar Solutions . And don’t forget to register for The Chemical Summit to be part of more insightful discussions like this!

On Creating A Unique Culture, Digital Transformation, And Sustainability In The Chemical Industry With Jennifer McIntyre and Kelly Gilroy, Univar Solutions

The chemical and plastics industry plays a critical role in our economy, providing the building blocks for countless products and manufacturing processes. However, it is also one of the most energy-intensive and polluting industries globally. Fortunately, many companies are striving to address these challenges and transition towards more sustainable practices.
A notable example – Univar Solutions. They are a global distributor of chemicals and ingredients who have continuously worked towards digital transformation and sustainable practices in the chemical industry and have ultimately integrated it in their business. To gain valuable insights into their approach, we had the pleasure of speaking with Kelly Gilroy, Senior Vice President of Global Supply Chain and Operations at Univar Solutions. 
Univar Solutions understands that digital transformation is a critical component of future success in the chemical industry. “Our vision is to create a unique company culture that prioritizes employee, customer, and supplier experiences, and digital transformation is a key enabler of this vision,” says Gilroy. To achieve this, Univar Solutions has invested in digital technologies such as robotic process automation and artificial intelligence, which help streamline processes and reduce manual labor costs.
In addition, the company has implemented a common enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform across its global operations. This platform enables seamless communication and collaboration across regions and helps the company make data-driven decisions on a real-time basis. Gilroy elaborates, “We believe that digital transformation is not just about technology, it is about the people and processes behind the technology. Our goal is to make sure the technology adds value for our employees and customers.”
Sustainability is a key focus for Univar Solutions, and the company has made impressive progress in this area. Gilroy explains that “Sustainability goes beyond reducing waste and saving energy. It is about taking a comprehensive approach across our value chain to create a more sustainable future for all.” The company recently set a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 25% by 2025, compared to their 2018 baseline. In addition, Univar Solutions leverages its existing sustainable practices to help customers on their own sustainability journeys.
Gilroy also stresses the importance of metrics such as customer satisfaction and net promoter scores in measuring progress and identifying areas for improvement. By listening to their customer feedback, Univar Solutions has been able to better understand their customer needs and provide an array of sustainable solutions, including eco-friendly packaging and certified sustainable products.
In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, digital transformation and sustainability are key drivers of success. Univar Solutions recognizes the importance of both and has made significant investments in these areas. By embracing digital technologies and implementing sustainability practices, Univar Solutions is well-positioned to lead the way toward a more sustainable chemical industry.

We look forward to seeing you at the Summit and working together on this important mission. Come join us, be part of the sustainable energy movement, and help shape our future! Thank you.

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